A Heisey Leathercraft is your one stop source for quality traditional and unique leather handmade and hand tooled products. We make leather wallets, belts, ranger belts, purses, spur straps, boot straps, arm bands, home and office decor such as dream catchers, mouse pads, conversation pieces, and much more.

Our leather products are carved and decorated by hand by a leather artist dedicated to making each piece her best. Our items are not machine stamped or machine tooled. Allyson Heisey, an award winning artist, began this unique and vanishing craft over ten years ago as a hobby and has created hundreds of projects since then.

Hand tooling leather takes skill, and many years of practice. How is leather carved? After sketching, the drawing is stencilled on the leather and then the artist cuts the pattern into the softened leather, and 'carves' it with simple emossing tools and a mallet.

Several types of embossing tools are used throughout the process depending on the intricacy of the motifs. Some of the most popular tools used by leather artisans are "The Comouflage", "The Pear Shader", "The Beveler", "The Veiner", "The Background" and "The Seeder". When the tooling process is complete, the leather is either dyed or stained and then sealed with a finisher.

If stitching is required, the product is hand stitched using one of many techniques, depending on the article. Some popular stitching techniques are "The Whip Stitch", "The Running Stitch", "The Backstitch", and "The Double Stitch". In some cases the edges are braided with split leather lace.

Our hand tooled leather products are, in some cases, made over many hours, with much love, care, and from years of knowledge and practice.

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